Why you should respond to my email or call.

Look.  I know how crazy swamped you are with solicitations from mostly idiotic recruiters – I hear it all the time.  I know the pain of our current feeding frenzy all too well.  It doesn’t matter what your geographic location either – whether you are in San Francisco, St. Louis, Austin, or Hunt Valley, the sheer number of opportunities knocking is probably deafening.

It is easier to ignore all of the messages from recruiters buzzing like mosquitoes around your ears – especially when so many are, frankly, embarrassing.  But here is the deal.  I’m not them.  I know – scoff if you’d like – you’ve heard it before.  But let me explain.

I know that in order to attract the best candidates I have to only represent the best opportunities, so I’m picky.  Honestly, most of corporate America bores me.  I’m drawn to smart people doing interesting things that haven’t been done before.  I like problem solvers, but not just any start up will excite me, as I’ve learned not to  work with companies who don’t treat their people well.

Regardless of whether my clients are start ups or more established organizations they will be made up of great people doing interesting work.   I like managers who manage by getting out of the way – who intrinsically foster a sense of loyalty and who hire people who are smarter than they are as a rule.  I am this discerning not because I’m a snob, but  because I prefer to offer juicy roles with teeth so you’ll know I am worthy of your time.

More than anything I don’t want to waste your time (or mine) because time is all we have.  If I’m reaching out it is because I’ve looked carefully and been impressed enough to email in hopes of a conversation or exchange.  You may not be looking to make a change – most people are not when I first talk with them.  But that is the main reason my opportunities have to be so good – they have to be worth exploring and offer you a compelling reason to go through the trouble.  All of the opportunities I’m working offer opportunity for influence and impact that I think is pretty special.

That is my promise. I’m worth at least an email, and If the roles I proffer aren’t as good as I represent them to be, I’ll buy you a beverage.  But you have to ping me back in order to know.  Lets talk.



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