who i am and why you should care


This is how I look behind my mask.I am a recruiter, critical thinker, business owner, and bridger of viewpoints.  I’m usually found with one foot planted lightly on either side of most ideological chasms.

I work nationwide but do a lot in St. Louis.  It is the smallest big city or the largest tiny town I know, and it is my home.  I also work extensively on both coasts. I understand the feeding frenzy for skilled technical employees and my response to the insanity is to be more precise, more mindful, and pay more attention to the details.

I do not want to be the biggest guy on the block, which is a good thing, because I’m not.  I’m an artisan doing small batch recruiting – much like the tiny brewers popping up all over.  Much like those breweries, I care – perhaps more than the big guys. I think quality is more important than quantity, and I value substance over style – but I try to have both.  I am choosy about who I represent on both sides of the equation.  The companies I represent tend to be smart, do interesting work, and treat people well.  I understand technology better than most recruiters (I realize this isn’t that difficult) but I usually end up being one of the best recruiters every candidate I talk to knows.  I’m worth an email at least.

You’ll most likely not have to guess what I’m thinking.

I try to act without a twist.

I think there should be fewer stupid recruiter stories, and I act accordingly.

I advocate for people, positions and companies.   I may be an acquired taste, but am rarely boring.

The ability to enthuse is paramount to success in recruiting. Positioning by Listening® is not just a catchy buzz phrase.



S = P x R

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